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Myofascia release masterclass w/ Eddie W

Feb 11, 2023 2:00 PM

Ever heard of myofascia release? Join this masterclass to feel the effects right away. And trust us, it feels good! 

Our body contains fascia in different layers of the body. It covers all organs, blood vessels, bones, nerve fiber and muscles. In a healthy state, fascia is a relaxed and wavy connective tissue. But when damaged for whatever reason (e.g. because of bad posture), it tightens up and causes tension and (head)aches.

In this masterclass, movement trainer Eddie will teach us how to release fascia. We will explore restrictions and learn DIY techniques* to release the different layers of fascia. You’ll leave feeling more open and with a great sense of relief.

“These techniques will change your life. No more pain, no more stiff tissues and no more expensive massages every week to restore tight spots. Please join me for this masterclass!” - Eddie 

* The techniques that you will learn can easily be applied when you get back home.


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Masterclass Breathwork

Feb 18, 2023 2:00 PM

All! Join us on Saturday February 18th for a deeply liberating and inspiring breathwork masterclass by Fantine. As the music starts, you’ll be guided through an hour session of intense breathing, vocal releases and a deep meditation. After this session you’ll feel lighter and a greater sense of clarity. Seriously, it’s so good!

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Kriya Special: yoga flow w/ Lesley

Mar 3, 2023 8:00 PM

Join Lesley in a special Friday evening kriya special, originating from Kundalini yoga aka the mystical yoga. This 75 minute session includes breathing, sound mantras and slow flowing yoga with the intention to awaken the spiritual energy deep inside. Tapping into this energy brings relaxation, more energy, increased awareness, to name just a few of the benefits. Never done anything like this before? Please join! Whatever level of experience you have, you’ll leave this class feeling fully alive. 

Open to all levels.

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Techno Special: yoga flow w/ Luca

Apr 7, 2023 8:30 PM

Set to techno music, this 75-minute Rocket-inspired Friday evening class will give you all you need - if not more. Expect to build heat and get your heart pumping as the flow progresses, moving through anything stuck or held in the body to ultimately reset yourself and find your yoga high. This is Luca’s spin on traditional yoga, and we love every minute of it. Friday evening April 7th,  20.30 - 21.45hrs. Are you in?

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Deep Restorative Yin Immersive by Veda Ela

Apr 15, 2023 2:00 PM

Join international teacher Veda Ela for a deeply relaxing extra long Yin & Restorative yoga session, on Saturday April 15th from 14.00 - 16.30hrs.

This is a unique opportunity to indulge in a 2+ hour yoga session, giving your body and mind the time and space to move inward and become still. You will be guided through a heart-opening sequence in which you will be invited to use as many props (blankets, bolsters, cushions, blocks) as needed to support your practice.
Veda Ela’s precise cues and choice of music will help you to get all in, allowing your body and mind to enter into their natural blissful, most relaxed state.  

Open for all levels.

Are you interested in teaching restorative yoga? This workshop is a great opportunity to meet Veda Ela and get familiair with her teaching method. 
Click this link to learn more about Veda Ela’s Restorative & Meditation Teacher Training Program. 
Find Veda Ela on Instagram here: